Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp
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Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp ,Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp can realize detection without mechanical contact with the detected object, so it will not cause damage to the detected object and sensor. Moreover, it is also very beneficial to protect the photoelectric sensor itself and can effectively prolong its service life.We are expecting become your long term partner in China......

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Product Description

Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp


1.Product Introduction

The Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp  is to separate the light emitter from the light receiver, which can increase the detection distance. The Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp  composed of a light emitter and a light receiver is called the opposite split photoelectric switch, which is referred to as the opposite photoelectric switch for short. Its detection distance can reach several meters or even tens of meters. When in use, the illuminator and the light receiver are respectively installed on both sides of the passage path of the detection object. When the detection object passes through, the light path is blocked, and the light receiver acts to output a switch control signal.Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp means that when a signal is triggered, the signal output line out is connected with the power line VCC, which is equivalent to the power line outputting high level.


2.Product Parameter


Product diameter


Sensing distance


Detection object

All objects that can reflect light can be detected

Response frequency

DC:0.5kHz  AC:25Hz

Supply voltage


AC:220V or 380V

Withstand voltage

AC1000V 50/60Hz 1min Charge between parts and the shell

Consumption current


Control output current


ambient humidity


ambient temperature


Temperature effect

-30℃—+65℃Each additional 23℃± 15% detection distance

-25℃—+60℃Each additional 23℃+ - 10%detection distance

Loop protection

N.P.D:Reverse connect protection, surge absorption, load short circuit protection  A:Surge absorption

Insulation impedance

More than 500MΩ charge between parts and the shell

Product material

Shell: brass nickel plated ABS  Surface: PMMA

Degree of protection



3.Product Feature And Application

Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp  is a new generation of photoelectric switch device manufactured by integrated circuit technology and SMT surface installation process. It has intelligent functions such as delay, broadening, external synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability, stable working area and self diagnosis. This novel photoelectric switch is an active photoelectric detection system electronic switch with pulse modulation. The cold light sources used by it include infrared light, red light, green light and blue light. It can quickly and control the state and action of various substances such as solid, liquid, transparent body, blackbody, soft software and smoke without contact and damage. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, multiple functions, long service life, high precision, fast response speed, long detection distance and strong resistance to optical, electrical and magnetic interference.

4.Product Details

When the Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp senses All objects that can reflect light can be detected, the red inductive light at the tail lights up. It can be wired to make the counter count or sense whether there is residual material.


5.Product Qualification

Our Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp has CE certification and guaranteed quality.


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

We have a large inventory of Opposed Photoelectric Switch Sensor Pnp. We can send stock products within 3-7 working days. If there is no stock or insufficient stock, we will check the delivery time with you. We guarantee delivery within the specified time and choose high-quality logistics services. We will use good packaging and ensure safety. We will be responsible for any product damage caused during delivery.




Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?

Sure, we have complete product instructions and wiring diagrams.If you need, we can provide you here.

Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are manufacturers and we have our own factories.

Do you provide sample? Free or charge?

We can provide samples here.Regular samples are free, and customized samples need to be charged.

How to ship my order ? Is it safe?

For small package, we will send it by Express, such as DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT,EMS.That’s a Door to Door service.For big packages, we will send them by Air or By sea.We will use good packing and ensure the safety.We will be responsible to any product damage caused on delivery.




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