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Advantages of photoelectric switch:

1. Long detection distance: compared with inductive proximity switch, it can obtain a long detection distance. For example, the detection distance of opposite type switch can reach tens of meters, and the reflection has ranged from a few centimeters to a few meters. Because it is non-contact detection, it will not damage or be affected by the measured object.
2. A wide range of test objects: because it is tested according to the reflection and light transmission of the test object, it can be detected almost all metals, even glass, rubber, wood, liquid and gas.
3. Fast response speed: the detection medium itself is high-speed, because it contains almost no mechanical action, so a very high detection speed can be obtained.
4. High resolution: because the light propagates in a straight line and the wave length is long, the resolution is high. It is suitable for small objects and high-precision position detection.
5. Easy to obtain regular detection area: optical systems such as lens are adopted, which can easily focus, diffuse and refract. Corresponding to different detection objects and different use environments, products with a certain detection area can be selected appropriately.
6. Not affected by magnetic field and vibration: detection switches are generally installed in places with strong magnetic field and vibration. In essence, photoelectric switches are rarely affected by them, so they can act reliably.
7. Using the characteristic detection of light: it can select and detect the color code and shape features.

8. Long service life: due to non-contact detection, it has a long service life, especially when the LED is used as the light source and the control output adopts the contactless mode, the service life is longer.