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Basic understanding of photoelectric switch

Photoelectric switch is a kind of sensor that uses the occlusion or reflection of the detected object to the beam and connects the circuit by the synchronous circuit to detect the presence or absence of the object. Objects are not limited to metal. All objects that can reflect light (or block light) can be detected. The photoelectric switch converts the input current into an optical signal on the transmitter, and the receiver detects the target object according to the intensity or presence of the received light.
Photoelectric switches have been used in many fields, such as crop position detection, liquid level control, product counting, width discrimination, speed detection, fixed length shear, hole identification, signal delay, automatic door sensing, color code detection, punch and shear, safety protection and so on. In addition, using the concealment of infrared, it can also be used as anti-theft warning in banks, warehouses, shops, offices and other occasions.
Photoelectric switch can be divided into diffuse type, opposite type, mirror reflection type, slot type photoelectric switch and Optical fiber photoelectric switch.