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The proximity switch is also known as the contact proximity switch

The Proximity Switch Sensor is also known as the contact proximity switch, which is an ideal electronic switch sensor. When the metal detector is close to the induced area of the switch, the switch can contact, no pressure, no spark, quickly emit electrical instructions, accurately react out the position and stroke of the motion mechanism, even if used for general stroke control, its positioning accuracy, operation The convenience of frequency, service life, installation and adjustment, and the applicable ability of harsh environments are not compared to general mechanical stroke switches.
Proximity Switch Sensor is widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile and printing. In the automatic control system, it can be used as a limit, count, position control, and automatic protection link. The proximity switch has a long service life, reliable work, high repeating positioning accuracy, no mechanical wear, no spark, noise, and strong anti-vibration capacity. Therefore, so far, the application of proximity switches is increasingly wide, and its own development and innovation speed is also extremely rapid.