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Newly released new inductive proximity switch Sensor

The wire length of the new inductive proximity switch can reach 2m, and the bottom is covered with waterproof colloidal material. Compared with the old inductive proximity switch sensor, the waterproof coefficient is higher and the product performance is better. The induction lamp is built in the colloidal bottom sleeve, and the whole bottom surface lights up when the lamp is on. Compared with the old inductive proximity switch sensor, it is more obvious to observe whether the induction works. The new inductive proximity switch has long service life and high induction frequency, and can adapt to high-intensity work. With short-circuit protection and overload protection, wrong wiring will not lead to product failure due to excessive current.

Proximity switch sensor is a kind of switch sensor ( contactless switch), which has the characteristics of travel switch and microswitch. It has sensing performance, reliable operation, stable performance, fast frequency response and long service life. It has strong anti-interference ability, and has the characteristics of waterproof, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.