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The technical requirements of the switch sensor

1.(switch sensor) Action distance measurement; When the action piece is close to the sensing surface of the proximity switch from the front, the action distance of the proximity switch shall be the maximum action distance of the proximity switch, and the measured data shall be within the parameter range of the product.

2. (switch sensor)Measurement of release distance; When the action piece leaves the sensing surface of the proximity switch from the front and the switch changes from action to release, measure the maximum distance between the action piece and the sensing surface.

3. (switch sensor)Measurement of return difference h; The absolute value of the difference between the maximum action distance and the release distance.

4. (switch sensor)Action frequency measurement; Use the speed regulating motor to drive the bakelite disc, fix several steel sheets on the disc, adjust the distance between the switch sensing surface and the action sheet to about 80% of the switch action distance, rotate the disc to make the action sheet close to the proximity switch in turn, install a speed measuring device on the disc spindle, and the switch output signal is shaped and connected to the digital frequency meter. At this time, start the motor and gradually increase the speed. Under the condition that the product of speed and action piece is equal to the frequency count, the action frequency of the switch can be directly read out by the frequency meter.

5. Repeat accuracy measurement; Fix the action piece on the measuring tool, close to the action area of the switch from the front of the switch sensing surface beyond 120% of the action distance of the switch, and control the movement speed at 0.1mm/s. When the switch acts, read the reading on the measuring tool, and then exit the action area to disconnect the switch. Repeat this for 10 times, and finally calculate the difference between the maximum and minimum values of the 10 measured values and the average value of the 10 times. The greater the difference is the repetition accuracy error