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How to select a good proximity switch

Selection of proximity switch
For different detection bodies of different materials and different detection distances, different types of proximity switches shall be selected to make them have high performance price ratio in the system. Therefore, the following principles shall be followed in the selection:

1. When the detection body is made of metal, high frequency oscillation proximity switch shall be selected, which is the most sensitive to iron nickel and A3 steel detection body.
The detection sensitivity of aluminum, brass and stainless steel is low.

2. (proximity switch)When the test body is non-metallic material, such as; Capacitive proximity switches shall be used for wood, paper, plastic, glass and water.

3. Photoelectric proximity switch or ultrasonic proximity switch shall be selected for remote detection and control of metal and non-metal.

4. When the detection body is metal, if the detection sensitivity requirements are not high, low-cost magnetic proximity switch or hall proximity switch can be selected.