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The feature and usage of the magnetic switch sensor

In all kinds of proximity switches, there is a kind of element that has the ability to "perceive" objects close to it - displacement sensor. Using the sensitive characteristics of the displacement sensor to the approaching object to control the on or off of the switch, this is the proximity switch.

When an object moves to the proximity switch and approaches to a certain distance, the displacement sensor will have "perception" and the switch will act. This distance is usually called "detection distance". The detection distance of different proximity switches is also different.

Sometimes the detected objects move to the proximity switch one by one and leave one by one according to a certain time interval. Different proximity switches have different response ability to the detection object. This response characteristic is called "response frequency".

Proximity switches are widely used in aviation, aerospace technology and industrial production. It is used in daily life, such as automatic doors in hotels, restaurants and garages and automatic hot air fans. In terms of security and anti-theft, important places such as data archives, finance and accounting, finance, museums and treasuries are usually equipped with anti-theft devices composed of various proximity switches. In measurement technology, such as length and position measurement; In the control technology, such as the measurement and control of displacement, velocity and acceleration, a large number of proximity switches are also used.