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some common do's and don'ts of the magnetic switch sensor

In general industrial production sites(magnetic switch sensor), eddy current proximity switches and capacitive proximity switches are usually selected. Because these two proximity switches have low environmental requirements.

When the measured object(magnetic switch sensor) is a conductive object or an object that can be fixed on a metal object, eddy current proximity switch is generally selected because of its high response frequency, good anti-environmental interference performance, wide application range and low price.

If the measured object is non-metal (or metal), liquid level height, powder height, plastic, tobacco, etc., capacitive proximity switch shall be selected. This switch has low response frequency but good stability. The influence of environmental factors shall be considered during installation.

If the measured object is a magnetic material or the magnetic steel is buried in the measured object in order to distinguish the object moving with it, hall proximity switch shall be selected, and its price is the lowest.

Photoelectric proximity switch can be used in occasions with good environmental conditions and no dust pollution. When the photoelectric proximity switch works, it has almost no effect on the measured object. Therefore, it is widely used in fax machines with high requirements and tobacco machinery.

In the anti-theft system, the automatic door usually uses pyroelectric proximity switch, ultrasonic proximity switch and microwave proximity switch. Sometimes, in order to improve the reliability of identification, the above proximity switches are often used in combination.

No matter what kind of proximity switch is selected, attention shall be paid to the requirements for working voltage, load current, response frequency, detection distance and other indicators