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The main function of the proximity switch(2)

6. Abnormal detection(proximity switch)
Check whether the bottle cap is; Judgment of qualified and unqualified products; Check whether the metal products in the packing box are lack; Distinguish between metal and non-metal parts; Whether the product has label detection; Crane danger zone alarm; The escalator starts and stops automatically.

7. Metering control(proximity switch)
Automatic measurement of products or parts; Control the number or flow by detecting the pointer range of the meter and instrument; Detect the buoy, control the height and flow of the measuring surface; Detect the iron buoy in the stainless steel barrel; Control of upper or lower limits of instrument range; Flow control, horizontal control.

8. Identification object
Identify yes and no according to the code on the carrier.

9. Information transmission
ASI (bus) connects the sensors at various positions on the equipment to the data round-trip transmission in the production line (50-100m).