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The main function of the proximity switch(1)

1. Inspection distance(proximity switch)
Detect the stop, start and pass positions of elevators and lifting equipment; Detect the position of the vehicle to prevent two objects from colliding; Detect the set position of the working machinery and move the limit position of the machine or components; Check the stop position of the rotary body and the open or close position of the valve.

2. Dimension control(proximity switch)
Size control device for metal plate punching and shearing; Automatically select and identify the length of metal parts; Detect the stacking height during automatic loading and unloading; Check the length, width, height and volume of articles.

3. Check whether the object exists(proximity switch)
Check whether there are product packaging boxes on the production packaging line; Inspect for product parts.

4. Speed and speed control
Control the speed of the conveyor belt; Control the rotating speed of rotating machinery; Control the speed and number of revolutions together with various pulse generators.

5. Counting and control

Detect the number of products flowing through the production line; Revolution measurement of high-speed rotating shaft or disc; Component count.