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The application field of the photoelectric switch sensor(2)

3、 Product counter(photoelectric switch sensor)
When the product runs on the conveyor belt, it constantly blocks the optical path from the light source to the photoelectric sensor, so that the photoelectric pulse circuit generates one electric pulse signal. Every time the product is shaded, the photoelectric sensor circuit generates a pulse signal. Therefore, the number of output pulses represents the number of products. The pulses are counted by the counting circuit and displayed by the display circuit.

4、 Photoelectric smoke alarm(photoelectric switch sensor)
When there is no smoke, the light emitted by the LED propagates in a straight line, and the photoelectric triode does not receive the signal. No output. When there is smoke, the light emitted by the LED is refracted by the smoke particles, so that the triode receives the light, has signal output and sends an alarm.

5、 Measuring speed(photoelectric switch sensor)
Black and white colors are painted on the rotating shaft of the motor. During rotation, the reflected light and non reflected light appear alternately. The photoelectric sensor correspondingly receives the reflected light signal intermittently and outputs the intermittent electrical signal. Then the square wave signal is amplified and shaped by the amplifier and shaping circuit, and finally the speed of the motor is output by the electronic digital display.

6、 Application of photocell in photoelectric detection and automatic control(photoelectric switch sensor)
When photocells are used as photoelectric detection, their basic principle is the same as that of photodiodes, but their basic structure and manufacturing process are not exactly the same. Because the photocell does not need external voltage when working; It has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, wide spectral range, good frequency characteristics and low noise. It has been widely used in photoelectric readout, photoelectric coupling, grating ranging, laser collimation, film sound return, ultraviolet monitor and flameout protection device of gas turbine.