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Different kinds of photoelectric switch sensors(2)

Diffuse reflection type of the photoelectric switch sensor
Diffuse reflection photoelectric switch sensor is that when the switch emits light beam, the target generates diffuse reflection, and the transmitter and receiver form a single standard component. When enough combined light returns to the receiver, the switch state changes, and the typical value of action distance is up to 3m. features:
(1) The effective action distance is determined by the reflection ability of the target and by the surface property and color of the target;

(2) With less assembly cost, when the switch is composed of a single element, it can usually achieve rough positioning;

(3) The background suppression function is used to adjust the measurement distance;

(4) It is sensitive to the dust on the target and to the changed reflection performance of the target.

Specular type of the photoelectric switch sensor
The mirror reflection photoelectric switch sensor is a standard configuration composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The light beam emitted from the transmitter is reflected by the opposite mirror, that is, it returns to the receiver. When the light beam is interrupted, a change of switch signal will be generated. The passage time of light is twice the signal duration, and the effective action distance is from 0.1M to 20m. features:
(1) Distinguish opaque objects;

(2) A high effective distance range is formed with the help of the mirror component;

(4) It is not easy to be disturbed and can be reliably and properly used in the field or dusty environment.