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Detailed explanation of working principle of magnetic switch

Magnetic switch and usually we common switch device is different, it is also called magnetic switch, is a use of magnetic field signal to control the circuit switch device. Many people may be interested in this new type of switch, then make a magnetic switch working principle in detail.

What is a magnetic switch

Magnetic switch is a switching device induced by a magnet, commonly used magnets are sintered Ndfeb, rubber magnet and permanent magnet ferrite. The switch is dry tongue reed tube, short for dry reed tube, is a kind of passive electronic switch element with contact, the shell is usually a sealed glass tube, tube filled with inert gas, but also equipped with two iron spring plate.

Magnetic switch

Working principle of magnetic switch

1. The dry reed tube in the magnetic switch, also known as the magnetron, is a switching element controlled by magnetic field signals. When the circuit is disconnected without magnetic field, it can be used to detect the state of mechanical movement or circuit. When the magnetic switch is not in operation, the two reeds in the glass tube are not in contact. If there is magnetic material close to the glass tube, under the action of magnetic field, the two reeds will be magnetized and drawn together, so as to make the circuit connected. When the magnetic material disappears, without the influence of external magnetic force, the two reeds will separate because of their own elasticity and disconnect the circuit.

2. A magnetic switch is a magnetic spring switch set in a closed plastic tube or metal. The whole container is hollow, and there is a floating ball with a ring magnet inside. The switch on and off action is generated by magnets in the floating ball to attract the contacts of the reed switch.

3, there is a magnetic switch is often said close switch, also called door magnetic switch or induction switch. It has a standard size plastic shell to seal the dry reed tube inside the black shell, the wire leads out the other half of the plastic shell with a magnet fixed at the other end when the magnetic material is close to the switch with a wire distance of about 10mm, the switch will send a switch signal.